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All about big breasted famous pornstar Vicky Vette.

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All about busty gorgeous pornstar Vicky Vette. Her biography, movies, scenes, partners, tastes. We talk about Vicky's porn life. How to fuck mrs Vette, who fuck Vicky. How many sperm mrs Vette taked on her face or body... and swallowed too...

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Vicky Vette biography. Part III. Vicky starting porn
03:03, 2007-Aug-7

The photographer who shot Vicky Vette for Busty Beauties asked if she'd like to do a g/g shoot for High Society, and so on..... Frank (Vicky's husband) and Vicky discussed the porn issue and with his consent she jumped into it with both feet! It really wasn't a stretch, they had been swingers for over 15 years. They didn't have any of the jealousy issues that other couples in the same situation . When they got married in 1988, Frank told Vicky "my dear, you are going to experience every aspect of sex you want to, every way shape and form, I will never hold you back". And Frank never did! Vicky Vette was afraid to tell her first husband about her secret bisexuality! Vicky should tell him she like to stick things up my ass! OOh! Frank would have freaked! So between June/July 2003 and now, Vicky Vette have made about 125 movies, done 25 magazine layouts, and appeared on several websites...

Vicky Vette biography. Part II. Modeling business
02:45, 2007-Aug-7

Vicky Vette started modeling in Feb 2003 only . She did the usual rounds of lingerie and bikini. She had always wanted to try it but never had the opportunity until just recently. Being very comfortable posing nude, (due to the fact that Vicky have been a nudist since birth), She fast took to fine art and glamour nudes. This doubled and tripled the amount of work coming in. Some offers for video were pouring in and for a time she simply ignored them. She think it's every woman's secret dream to be a centerfold, so She sent in a snap-shot to Hustlers Beaverhunt. Vicky Vette guess she had nothing to lose and it was now or never. Vicky was already 37. The editors immediately chose her a semi-finalist and brought she to LA in Jun 2003 to do the mini layout. While there, they asked if Vicky Vette would like to do their other magazine "Busty Beauties"? Undoubtedly! Vicky Vette got the cover and centerfold for that one!

Vicky Vette biography. Part I. Life before porn
23:04, 2007-Jul-31


Vicky Vette was born June 12 1965 in the Norway. It's the land of the midnight sun and some of the hottest girls. Soon thereafter her parents immigrated to Canada where Vicky was educated to become a successful accountant and top level manager.
Vicky's working career from age 18 to 32 ranged from accounting clerk to Branch Manager.

She worked many hours per week and traveled frequently. During the day She oversaw budgets, accounting, customer services,

production lists, shipping and sales. In the evening She frequented swing clubs and licked pussy with her husband Frank. It

was like second life! By day, Vicky was a conservative businesswoman, people even called her a modest woman ! if

they only knew..........
How many times per day did She go into the bathroom and masturbate? She really used to worry, She was afraid she was a

kinky! After 32, mrs Vette decided that she would never again work for anyone else. Her husband and Vicky reinvented

ourselves and became homebuilders! A dream they'd always wanted to fulfill. They worked very very hard, building their business up from scratch. After successfully building houses for five years, they found ourselves in a position to take time off, travel and think about what else they wanted to do. This was when Vicky Vette decided to give the modeling thing a go.


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